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Sunday, April 12, 2009

One for Easter

Hope is not always wrapped in lovely words. Sometimes hope is the weed that cracks the sidewalk.


Leave the horrible garden
Behind, its barbs and thorny hooks
Hiding inside the flowers. It
Has died but not I.
I spring forward to thrive

In a new and faraway field of
Time, where blooms are not
So heavy and quick to wilt, where
Even landfill weeds are better
Than the rotting soil my mother

Left. From her hanging babble of
Wire mesh and threats, her
Insinuating stench of the corpse plant I
Have opened in flagrant hue
Bearing fruit from the furthest

Reaches of love’s indomitable spectrum.
Now it is time to rise
Unfettered by the past, to
Reach for life’s most precious
Gifts, and let the future shape them.


Anonymous NikkiS said...

To me this is about letting go...which is SO hard...but ACHIEVABLE!!!

5:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, as you know, this poem brought tears to my eyes. It's "primal truth," wrapped in language that few people would have the talent to create. Thanks for sharing!


8:18 PM

Blogger Laurie said...

So many beautiful phrases, Yak. I'm incapable of saying anything coherent about your poetry except: more please!

9:12 PM

Blogger Yakpate said...

Thank you for your comments, guys. It's odd... during the pre-election period all I could write was political commentary. Clearly I have moved to a new phase... because now I haven't the slightest interest in commenting on today's issues.

Poetry doesn't generate debate. But hopefully, it stirs feelings.

8:15 AM

Blogger Cafe Observer said...

From polticis to poetry. I'd say you've claearly moved to a new, higher, phase.

Here's 1 4 U, YP: Happy Easter/Resurrection/Renewal Day!

7:33 PM

Blogger Cafe Observer said...

Thanks for your Easter comment, YP!

I agree with you: it doesn’t sound like you know what it means. Indie generally means non-chain or small chain, non-large corp, non-cookie cutter style retailer. Individually or locally owned. Although, strictly speaking nothing is totally independent - we all are dependent on others to some degree.

Skylight, and it’s new arty Annex is an excellent bookstore to ck out. Cafe? Sounds like you haven’t visited Vermont in Los Feliz Village. Try Fred 64 just 20 yards up the block. Take Little Laurie with you, she’ll tour guide you around de area with what’s left since last century.

Again, YP, thanks for your participation. And, good luck in your search for somewhere new to do your reading & drinking.

6:09 PM


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