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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Laurie

Happy, happy
Birthday, to one who walks
the halls of beauty
With angels in her eyes
And demons clinging
to her skirts, insisting
they be heard above
the rustle of her divine
Inspiration from every
Worthy host, Plato, Aristotle,
Juno and all the rest with
Their splendid words.
Happy birthday, dearest friend,
You who listen to every
Promise, expecting nothing but keeping
Your own, bearing the burden of
All knowledge with courage,
Calm, and the radiance of
Your original, truthful face.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Big Fat Healing Ego

Hello, everyone… this post is for YOU!

While I was recuperating from metastatic bone cancer/hip replacement surgery at Cedars-Sinai, I began working on a blog post titled, “Losing Your Big Fat Ego… One Enema at a Time.”

Hospitals DO impose a million assaults on one’s dignity. But hey, that’s over. I’m home now, well on the way to recovery, and a philosophical treatise on the link between self-esteem and control of one’s bodily functions is the last thing I want to write. (I can hear all of you sighing with relief!)

Oh, wait. Let me share just one TMI moment. Kudos to a male nursing aid aptly named Angel, whose matter-of-fact bedpan technique helped me survive my hospital indignities without killing a nurse. (Laurie, I am SO glad you didn’t bring me that loaded gun I requested.)

Moving on… it will take about six months of physical therapy for complete recovery, and I will probably spend July and August learning how to look sexy while using a walker. (Forgive me, God, for once thinking that motorized chairs were for… squares.) As I return to normal, though some might say I’ve never even approached that condition, I will use my newly acquired sense of mortality to:

Bow down and chant, “I’m not worthy” to my niece Heather, who saved my ass by producing my client newsletters while I was hospitalized; to my niece Nikki, who made the Smart Mom decision to stay in a hotel instead of with me during her visit here, avoiding the risk that her 3-year old and 4 1/2-year old sons might take flying leaps at Aunt Pat’s exotic new wheelchair; to my friend Anna, who knows my tastes so well that she selected and arranged for the purchase and delivery of a new couch and new bedding, so I could return to a more comfortable home environment; to my niece Stacy and my Dad and Sister and so many friends, who called the hospital twenty times a day to check on my progress (OK, maybe 15 times); to Victoria, and she'll know why; to the wonderful circle of friends I met through Laurie’s blog, who sent me funny, fantastic and supportive emails; and finally, to my soul-of-generosity sister-in-law, who left crops in the ground at her Kentucky farm AND a paying job to care for me during my first two weeks at home, and who is not only a great companion but a gourmet cook.

I may not be worthy, but I sure am lucky. And all of YOU are too wonderful for words from this writer who has exhausted her superlatives.